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With great sadness we report that Les Treece-Sinclair, Co-Founder of UFOPOP.org, passed quietly away at home December 27, 2016.

Accounts of unexplained aerial phenomena can be found throughout human history and are even mentioned in the Bible.  However, prior to the mid-20th century, there was no accepted name for such reported events.  Finally In 1947, a U.S. newspaper reporter created the phrase “Flying Saucers” for a reported sighting [by Kenneth Arnold] and newspapers across the country followed suit.  The U. S. Air Force, assigned responsibility for investigating such reports, then created the designation “Unidentified Flying Object “ [UFO], which is still in general use to describe reported things seen in the sky that can’t be identified.  Today, “Flying Saucer” generally refers to a purported spacecraft from another world.

It is generally agreed that at least 95 per cent, of all things initially reported as UFOs have ordinary explanations.  But are some UFOs spacecraft from other worlds?  The creators of this website believe the jury is still out on that question.

The purpose of this website is to preserve and display images of UFOs and Flying Saucers presented in our popular culture.  It was created by Jim Klotz of Washington State and Les Treece-Sinclair of California [see bios below] and is designed to be both educational and entertaining.

Popular culture is aspects of everyday life that are expressive and have mass appeal.  This includes things such as movies, television, books, magazines, comics, fads, crazes, sports, hobbies, art, architecture, clothing, food, music, dance, etc.  Since at least 1947 and continuing to this day, popular culture has embraced the subject of UFOs and Flying Saucers and presented untold graphic images of such craft [both factual and fictional representations] and their alien occupants to the public.

Thus it is clear that UFOs and Flying Saucer reports have had an impact on popular culture.  But, in embracing UFOs and Flying Saucers, has popular culture had an impact on UFO and Flying Saucer reports?  Has popular culture stimulated interest in the subject [perhaps even resulting in increased UFO and Flying Saucer reports]; influenced the public's attitude toward UFOs and Flying Saucers [by reinforcing their 'normalness' or reality] or; even affected what witnesses report [by offering appearance and performance cues]?  We believe the answer is probably yes, but to what extent is unknown.

his website is not intended to resolve the reality of UFOs and Flying Saucers or to determine the extent of popular culture’s influence on UFO and Flying Saucer reports  But whether you have a serious interest in UFOs and Flying Saucers, are a student of popular culture, enjoy spacecraft art, or just want to stroll down memory lane, UFOPOP is for you.

Attention UFO Toy Collectors: We would like to expand our online galleries, especially UFO toy content, so we are seeking images of items from your collections.  Posted images submitted will be credited.  As usual, we reserve the right to accept or reject any images submitted.

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The creators of this website hope you enjoy your visit and please return often.

We would also like to express appreciation to the Computer UFO Network [CUFON: www.cufon.org] for its support hosting the UFO/Flying Saucer Comic Book Cover Gallery [which served as the impetus to this site] since June 2002.

Flying Saucers are generally perceived as round or oval, usually with a dome on top.  While this is the primary shape displayed on this website, we have included a few alien craft that are of other reported shapes, such as crescent, cylindrical, rocket, ball, triangular, etc.  Also included are the alien craft popularized by Steven Spielberg in Close Encounters of the Third Kind [1977].

The images displayed reflect primarily U.S. popular culture, but images from other countries are included such as Australia, Canada, France, England, Italy, Mexico and South America

JIM, an active UFO researcher interested in UFOs since 1959. Served as the System Operator for the Computer UFO Network and was the creator of the CUFON UFO/Flying Saucer Comic Book Cover Gallery, the forerunner to UFOPOP. Resides in Western Washington State.

LES became interested in UFOs in 1957, and since then has collected over 11,000 items on the subject. Les is a member of CUFOS, MUFON, Sign Historical Group [SHG], and was formerly with APRO and NICAP. He and his wife, Pamela, reside in Northern California. December 27, 2016 -We are sorry to report Les passed away quetly at home.

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Thank you Chris Lambright for helping us take the "original Comic Book Gallery" to a whole new level.

UFOPOP is part of a national effort to preserve the history of the UFO phenomenon